Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prayers of the Faithful.The Ascension of the Lord 16th May 2010

The Ascension of the Lord 16th May 2010   



Prayers of the Faithful…



Priest:  On this Feast of the Ascension let us pray with joy to the Father as we acclaim Christ who now sits at his right hand.



  1. Priest/Deacon:: Jesus charged his disciples  to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth:


Lord, for Pope Benedict, our bishop ...........your priests, deacons, religious and people and the grace and courage to bear witness to the Gospel….  Pause     we pray …                 

                        R: Lord, hear our prayer



2.    Priest/Deacon::   Jesus promised, we would be baptised by water and the Holy Spirit  :


Lord, for faithfulness to live out the promises of our own baptism and to diligently raise our children in the faith… Pause    we pray …

                        R: Lord, hear our prayer



3.    Priest/Deacon: Jesus came down from heaven on a pilgrimage of love


 Lord, for the grace to love, as Jesus has loved, without counting the cost…Pause     we pray

                 R: Lord, hear our prayer



  1.    Priest/Deacon:   Jesus commanded us to pray for all our needs:


Lord, for the poor, the sick, the burdened, for the victims of war, all those whose lives are threatened, for those who most need our prayers ….  Pause     we pray …

                      R: Lord, hear our prayer



5.  Priest/Deacon:      Jesus promised to draw all things to himself.   Let us pray for the dead…. 


Lord: for all those who have died … and all those who mourn their passing…  Pause     we pray…

                      R: Lord, hear our prayer



(Please remain at lectern until the presider completes the following or similar prayer)



Priest:    Lord God, hear these prayers and all the prayers of your people. Teach us to know your Son, and to live out our lives faithful to his commands. We make our prayer through the same Christ our Lord


        R.    Amen.